Discover How James Plante is Working to Change the World

There are many people in the world that want to make a difference but they don’t. Then there are people who don’t set out to make a difference until something opens their eyes to a lack in the world, and then they do everything in their power to make a change. This is the type of person that James Plante happens to be. When he was a younger man, he discovered that his father had a rare condition that he then passed onto his son. The problem was, genetic testing would have revealed this condition and could have prevented his father’s kidney failure.

Being a Doer

One of the biggest contributing factors to the changes that James has implemented is the fact that he is a doer. Once this issue occurred with his father, he began the process of figuring out how to make genetic testing affordable enough that diseases could be discovered early on and treated before they became life-threatening. He achieved this goal while helping to develop better ways to accomplish genetic testing and to learn more things about human genetics in general. In 2008 he started a company that has changed everything in this field.

Other Amazing Feats

While genetic discoveries have been a major part of Jim’s life in more recent years, he has accomplished many things throughout his history. As an investor, he sees the opportunity for growth in the biomedical and technological fields. Not only do the companies he invests in provide many great services today, they are innovative, clearing the way for more innovation in the future. His goal is to ensure that these fields don’t become stagnant and that normal people can benefit from the new things that are created.

Thynk Capital

Today, Jim continues to put his money where his mouth is by investing in his own companies committed to biomedical growth. His newest company, Thynk Capital uses technology and medical advances to create biomedical advances. It’s easy to see how each industry will be able to benefit from the efforts of his company now and in the future.

Everyone should have the same level of commitment that Jim has to affordable genetic testing, medical and technological innovation. It will be very interesting to see just what will come next for this entrepreneur.