An Obstetrician Plays an Important Role During Pregnancy

There’s nothing more exciting than finding out that a baby is on the way. Preparing for the big arrival should include prenatal care to ensure that both the baby and mother stay as healthy as possible throughout the pregnancy. An obstetrician provides an important service for monitoring the baby’s development and the mother’s health.

Pregnancy Stages

There are three stages of pregnancy, which are referred to as trimesters. The first trimester takes place during the first 12 weeks and may trigger hormonal changes in the mother that can result in changes in weight, fatigue and nausea. The second trimester encompasses weeks 13 – 27, and during this time the baby will begin a growth spurt that can be seen as a developing “baby bump.” The last trimester runs from weeks 28 – 40, during which time the baby will drop in the abdomen to get ready for birth.

First Trimester

This stage of pregnancy may go unnoticed at first, or the mother may begin to feel out of sorts as a result of hormonal changes that are taking place in her body. An OB can confirm the pregnancy and prescribe prenatal vitamins which will provide vital nutrients during this most critical phase of development. Many mothers complain of feeling ill during the first trimester and may have bouts of vomiting, which is commonly known as morning sickness.

Second Trimester

The second trimester is when the mother’s abdomen grows the most and movement from the baby may be seen or felt. If a pregnancy doctor has not been chosen yet, this would be the time to get that arranged and in place for the upcoming delivery. It is especially important for an OB to monitor the baby’s growth during this phase, as well as the health of the mother.

Third Trimester

By now, the mother’s abdomen has drastically increased in size and stretch marks, shortness of breath and the need to urinate frequently may increase the mother’s anxiety. The mother may experience lower back pain or even contractions as the baby moves into place for the big arrival. Once the water breaks, the contractions may increase in frequency and intensity, as the baby moves through the birth canal and enters the world.

Pregnancy can be a wondrous time, but can also have complications requiring medical intervention. A pregnancy doctor can assist with any and all medical needs for both the developing baby and the mother.