How to Overcome Acne Scars

During the teenage years and even beyond, individuals can sometimes suffer from serious acne. Unfortunately, some types of acne can leave behind serious scarring that makes a person feel embarrassed about their appearance. The pitting and craters left behind after severe acne has plagued a person can be difficult to deal with. With the ICON treatment, individuals can overcome their acne scars and have much smoother skin.

What Is the ICON System

The ICON system is a laser system that helps to remove the damaged areas of the skin. The ICON laser sends pulses of light into the skin to break up the components of the scars. As the scarring is broken up, new skin cell growth is encouraged.

This treatment system can also work on other scars on the face and body. Before a person undergoes the ICON system treatment, they need to know what to expect so they will be prepared.

What Can Patients Expect?

The treatment process with the ICON system only takes about an hour. Most people will need to have multiple treatments to ensure their acne scarring is greatly diminished. After treatment with the laser, patients may experience some irritation and redness.

The treatment is not painful or invasive and it can be carried out on all skin types. Most people will begin to truly be able to notice their skin looking much smoother after they have had three to five treatments carried out.

During the healing process and beyond, it is imperative individuals protect their skin with sunscreen. The skin will be more vulnerable to the sun’s powerful rays during this time. Protecting the skin will help to avoid sun damage from occurring which could impede the healing process.

Those who are tired of dealing with acne scarring or other types of scars are urged to check out the ICON system and learn how it can help. Although treatment takes time, individuals can slowly overcome the pitted appearance of their skin so it is smoother and much more attractive.

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