How to Combat Low Testosterone in Men

Most men make great strides to maintain their health throughout their lives. Unfortunately, even with the best efforts and care, many men fall short of their health goals. In addition, as they age, they may find it more difficult to keep up with these health goals and face further complications in their lives. Many of these complications in many, especially as they age, could be due to decreases in production of testosterone. Fortunately, there are methods and treatments that can help.

Low testosterone and its effects

Testosterone is a necessary hormone that plays a major role in how the body functions. Many men face issues with their testosterone being low, especially as they age. This can pose issues for many aspects of their lives and health. Low testosterone can cause changes in sleep and cause insomnia. It can also increase the body’s production of fat while decreasing muscle mass. Low testosterone also causes emotional issues and can greatly affect sexual desires and functions.

Treatments for low testosterone

Men can seek help from their doctor to receive treatments for this issue. However, most doctors will recommend hormone replacement therapy for this issue. This is often a regular injection or supplement to add testosterone to the body. Unfortunately, these replacements can have serious side effects, including increased prostate issues and heart disease risks. These replacements can also cause the body to make less natural testosterone.

Alternative treatments

There are more natural options for replacing testosterone in men. These options can have far less serious side effects than hormone replacement therapy. One option is Tongkat Ali root extract. This extract is not a testosterone replacement, but an option for restoring the body’s natural production of testosterone. When taking this root extract, it triggers the body to begin producing testosterone again, naturally. This can help restore the body to its proper functionality.

This extract is also beneficial for bodybuilders. Stimulating production of testosterone helps produce lean muscle in the body and reduces fat production. This can help men achieve their muscle mass goals more easily. Although little side effects have been reported with this extract, they are increased when using the extract in larger amounts to achieve muscle mass. This should be taken into consideration before starting or increasing the dosage.