Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits Beyond Beautiful

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are all designed to improve the aesthetics of the mouth and smile. Professional teeth whitening is sought after purely for a brighter smile. The added benefits include increased confidence and better career advancement opportunities. Most other procedures have overall health benefits that go beyond a beautiful smile.

Different Degrees

The degree of health benefits will vary depending on the procedure. Veneers, either composite or porcelain, are bonded to teeth to make them appear uniform in size, shape, and color. They also cover up gaps between teeth, which helps protect the exposed gum.

Composite bonding is used to fix chipped or broken teeth. It is fitted over the area and hardened with a special high-intensity light. Not only is the tooth restored to a perfect appearance, it is also protected from further damage. Some additional reading about what procedures entail and added benefits can be found online.

Major Benefits

Some procedures, such as dental implants, provide substantial overall health benefits. This procedure also saves patients time, money, and pain. Implants for a missing tooth, or teeth, are artificial root replacements that are covered with a prosthetic tooth. In addition to improving the smile, that one implant prevents a host of other health issues.

Left untreated, the empty space causes other teeth to shift. Cleaning between teeth becomes more difficult, bacteria and food particles create decay, and the gum in the area of the original tooth is susceptible to infection. Further damage occurs to the bite, speech, and ability to chew food properly. Digestive issues, maintaining control of diabetes, the immune system, and the heart are all subject to complications and decline because an implant was selected as a replacement option.

Important Considerations

Most cosmetic procedures are not reversible so be sure they result in desired outcomes. Select a cosmetic dentist with experience and set up a consultation to discuss possibilities for any procedures that are of interest. It is also important to discuss costs.

Dental insurance does not cover elective cosmetic procedures. Partial coverage may be approved for repairs to existing teeth, but most costs will be out-of-pocket. Ask about in-house financing, payment arrangements, or financing via a third party source. A beautiful smile is a definite asset in a superficial society. Added health benefits from some procedures can make them worth the price.