Essential Oils And Other Alternative Sources Can Improve Your Health

Today’s medical trend includes looking for alternatives to the regular prescription medication that is prescribed by a doctor to correct a problem. It can be difficult to understand how essential oils, various tree bark, and other plants can help an individual improve their skin and their overall well-being. Many of the products found in today’s supermarkets, pharmacies and other stores contain chemicals that can damage the skin and cause a variety of problems. Using natural products will reduce an individual’s exposure to these unnecessary chemicals, that include perfumes, dyes, and even metals.

Helping A Cough

With the cold and flu season knocking on the door, a pesky cough is almost always present. Getting an adequate amount of sleep and using peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and other oils in a warm compress can help to relieve someone’s cough. This is a much safer and healthier alternative than taking an over-the-counter cold remedy or synthetic prescription of medication.

Carrotseed Oil

Carrots are filled with Carotol and Camphene which both offer incredible benefits to the human body. Carotol has antifungal properties and is effective against fighting bacteria in the body. Camphene provides powerful pain relief and is an antioxidant and will improve the health of an individual’s liver, and reduce pain in their body.

Copaiba Essential Oil

Inflammation is a problem for any individuals and Copaiba essential oil has a reputation for helping to balance and soothe the human body. Beta-Caryophyllene is its main ingredient and can also help with acne, scaling, redness, pain, and swelling that’s associated with scrapes and other wounds. It can help with inflammation in the brain are a stroke and with multiple sclerosis.


One of the best products to use on the market today to clean and disinfect is vinegar. It’s often overlooked because it doesn’t contain the perfumes that are often added to household cleaners. Vinegar doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and toxins that many cleaners do, and is a natural antiseptic and fungicide.

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